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Delivering donations to the school children local village of the Reserve

 Activities in the jungle

In the jungle we offer the following activities.
All the activities are flexible according to your personal interests.

  • Hiking in primary jungle (low and high jungle)
  • Explanation of medicinal plants
  • Survival skills in jungle course
  • Observation of monkeys in their natural state (13 species)
  • Observation of pink and grey dolphins in their natural states
  • Piranha fishing
  • Bird watching
  • Observation of sloths in their natural state (perezosos)
  • Night jungle walk to search for tarantulas, snakes, scorpions, frogs, toads, jaguars, insects and much moreIMG_5965
  • Observation of giant lily pads (water lily Victoria Regia)
  • Canoe trips at night to search for alligators, anacondas and jaguars
  • Camping or lodge accommodation (flexible)
  • Visits to native villages / local communities
  • Search for kambo frog to excrete medicine
  • And much more



Baby kambo


Healing activities

For our healing activities we work with specialized native shamans from the jungle.

Kambo (frogs´ poison, “Phyllomedusa bicolor”)

Kambo is a shamanic medicine which consists of the secretion of the giant monkey frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor). This medicine is good for:

  • malaria
  • snake bites
  • depression, infections and pain
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Detoxing the liver
  • Parkinson´s disease, Alzheimer’s
  • cancer, leukemia, diabetes, lupus
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Heart attacks
  • Anemia, thyroid issues
  • To improve the sight and hearing
  • To gain strength and stamina for hunting
  • Please discuss with me your individual health concerns and I will share my knowledge on if and how kambo can help…

Ayahuasca (“the rope of the dead”)
Ayahuasca is a shamanic plant (a liana) known as the mother of jungle. There are as many types of ayahuasca brews as there are shamans. Some brews include the following plants: Chirisanango, Chacruna, Toé and Ayahuasca. It´s used as a treatment for:

  • Cancerimage1
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Diabetes
  • Personal problems
  • To communicate with your “Self” in another dimension
  • A heart opening medicine used for many spiritual purposes.

Nu-Nu (snuff Nu-Nu)
Nu-Nu is a shamanic medicine. It´s a mix of tobaco, cacao bark and frogs´ secretion (Phyllomedusa bicolor). It´s used as a treatment for:

  • Mental diseases
  • Physical diseases
  • Sinusitis
  • Depressions
  • Pain
  • To gain strength and stamina for hunting

San Pedro (cactus)
San Pedro is known as the father of the jungle. It is a cactus that is native to Northern Peru, can also be found in Mexico and some deserts in North America. It’s used as a treatment for:

  • PTSD, traumas
  • Depression
  • A heart opening medicine used for many spiritual purposes.

Roots, flowers, dried herbs, magic mushrooms, seeds, essential oils
and much more…..
Natuur.jungle.pag.2Besides tours to the primary jungle, we also offer tours to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Tours have a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 30 days.
We design our tours according to your personal interests and the time you have available in Iquitos.