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  1. Wiebe van Golde says:

    Hi Victor,

    I can’t wait to go on a jungle expedition! Talk to you later. Good luck in Peru!


  2. Michael Sanders says:

    I went on a four day jungle excursion with Victor in December 2013, and it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Victor has an in-depth understanding of the Amazon and he passionately shares his knowledge with all of his guests. He is a gracious, friendly and mindful host. He takes cares of his guests to ensure they’re having a wonderful time. I highly recommend Victor’s services, and I’m grateful for the experiences he provided.

  3. Oddie F. says:

    I spent some awe-inspiring days in the jungle with Victor in December 2013. It was my first time in the jungle, and what an introduction Victor gave! The place was an explosion of color, lifeforms and new sounds. We lived close to the nature eating healthy, clean food. The haste and noise of the western world was soon forgotten and I became more mindful. Victor is quite an impressive person with extensive knowledge about the jungle. I would recommend everyone to spend some time with this guy. He is gold. While under his guidance I held a tarantula, iguana, snake, kayman and a sloth. Amazing! I will never forget the magic of the jungle.

  4. Alex Popov says:

    Victor is a good person with great knowledge about the jungle – plants and animals. i will recommend this guy for everyone who are interesting about life in jungle.

  5. Valentina says:

    Victor is the man!!!
    He’s got an answer to every question!!! Victor amazed me with his knowledge about jungle life! I learned a lot from him, enjoyed the tour!
    He will introduce you to a wild life of our planet like nobody else!
    Thank you Victor!! Hope to go on a tour with you many more times again!!!!

  6. David says:

    I went on a tour with Victor in July 2013, and it was without doubt one of the best experiences in my life! He taught me so much about the flora and fauna, survival techniques and how to interact with such an outstanding environment! My best memories from this trip would be: swimming in the river with the dolphins, climbing the trees with the lianas tarzan style (optional), overcoming my fear of spiders by allowing Victor to place some tarantula on me (also optional but recommended), playing with the sloth monkeys…. and of course the long evenings chilling in the hammocks!
    Thank you Victor I can’t wait to go back in the Jungle!

  7. laura says:

    Victor was a really great guy. Very knowledgeable, enthusiastic about his job. We had an amazing jungle experience, life changing really. Also, he organized everything to perfection. The places he took us were not even filled with tourists, which made the experience even more unique. Thumbs up to this guy!

  8. Marius says:

    Victor is the best guide in the Amazon, he knows everything about the animals, and nature. We were very happy to go with him, for the aligators catch during the night time, and amazon jungle night time trip, of course lots of other many things! Like cambo frog experience, and so on :), reccomending Victor as a guide for everyone who loves nature.

  9. Katie says:

    My husband and I just got back from a 3-week visit to Peru and had the opportunity to go to the jungle with Victor. WOW! He made our trip so much more memorable. He’s so knowledgable – he knows everything about the jungle. He taught us about medicinal plants, got us up close and personal with so many different animals, and taught us about the Peruvian culture. I really don’t think we would have truly experienced the jungle without him. If you’re looking for a guide please call Victor – I promise you won’t regret it!! Thanks so much, Victor!

  10. Victor says:

    I went to the jungle with Victor, my namesake, last weekend (November 2014) and those three days were an amazing experience. He´s only 28 years old but his knowledge of the plants an animals are that of an old guy who´s been living in the jungle all his life. He sees things that you yourself would never see, and his knowledge is both theoretical and practical. The lodge was very fine and it was heavenly to be away from the rest of the world for a while. We saw lots of animals, but my best memory would be the sunset above the Amazon seen from our little boat in the lagoon. I could ramble on about our trip but I would advise anyone to just go and experience it for yourself… The price-quality ratio, above all, is probably better than you´ll find anywhere else in Iquitos.

  11. Sidney M. says:

    The retreat was more than accommodating. The Ayahuasca was a great teacher and healer as well as mind altering for me. I enjoyed what all occurred during my sessions. The shaman was very friendly and the staff was great with everything. I consider them all as family now. San Pedro taught me a lot as well although i have a love and hate relationship with it. Lastly Kambo/Sapo the toxic secretion from the giant green tree frog Phyllomedusa Bicolor was the best experience with it purging and cleansing my blood. I honestly could write an essay but i must keep this review short. All-in-all it was an awesome and great experience for me. I will be returning in the summer for a longer period of time.

  12. Farida Kisoor and Diederik Wits says:

    The Kambo “jungle” experience in Amsterdam by Fa and Di

    We were invited the night before to join Victor to do Kambo. We looked at the website and saw a great website with a guy who looked very experienced, Victor Escobar.
    Di had Kambo before but Fa didn’t, it was her first time. Di was nervous, Fa was really excited. We went to the hotel room and from the beginning everything was really relaxed. Victor told us what was going to happen and we prepared ourselves to start the session one after another.
    First we started with Sananga eye drops which feels like chili pepper in your eyes. It stings and hurts really bad for a bit, but after a couple of minutes the hurting fades away and you have a clear and open vision. It feels great.
    After that, Victor blew some strong powder (a mix of plants) in our noses to clear our sinuses. You could feel it through all your head. This also felt amazing.
    Now we where ready to start Kambo. Fa went first. After drinking about 2 liters of water, she got 3 dots burned in her upper arm by Victor, where the “poison” was put on. We had to spit on the “poisonstick”to make the poison stronger and more intense (never did that before) and than it started. I wont tell all details but the Kambo kicked in and you could tell Fa was feeling the experience of Kambo! She was sweating, shitting and fomatting like crazy for about half a hour. After half an hour, she got really cold and she had to take a warm/ hot shower to rinse of the Kambo. After that she was smiling again. Her lips, eyes and face were swollen (frogface) but she was ok. Now it was Di’s turn. Victor asked him to drink 2 liters of water. He sat down and Victor gave him 4 dots. A couple of minutes later he was sweating like he never sweat before and he was using the bucket to throw up. After half an hour he also took a quick shower but he still had some difficulties to recover.

    The thing Victor asked us the hour before, what we were doing in our daily life and Di told him he was really stressed because off his work. The thing we also learned is that you need to ask the frog what you want to change in your life!!! Talk to Kambo!
    The next morning Di felt so relaxed and a for the next couple of days he felt the same.
    For the both off us it was an experience, so great, that we are looking forward to see Victor again. We want to thank you Victor, for the beautiful experience. Thanks and have fun, back to your beloved jungle and resort in Peru.
    We hope to see you soon. Happy Kambo greetings from Di and Fa

  13. Marcus Lucassen says:

    Victor and Natasha. Thank you so much for everything. Not just for the jungletour- which was amazing! But also for everything in between. The cool night we had together Victor in the maloka with mango, music and storytellings, the interesting and educational conversations, all the knowledge and experiences and most important, the best company we could have ever wished for. You guys truly are amazing and the way you put yourself into everything you do is something most people could learn from. I am more than happy to have been a part of this trip with you. I hope the very best for you two in the future and soon you three 😉 I am going to research everything I can about the rainforest so that I can help you when in need. I am sure that we will meet again soon and until then, take care, have fun and enjoy life to its fullest!!! Lots of love from here! Marcus and Cecilies
    A Tour with Victor and Natascha is the Best thing We ever did. Highly recommended!

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